April 11th, 2005

Political activities

I would like to officially extend the church's sponsorship in the next presidential election to the Solipsist Party. Remember: One Man, One Vote.

If you cannot, on good conscience, vote Solipsist, there are always the Surprise Birthday and Frat tickets.

Discordian dictionary entry

Nothing (Nah-thing): Transitive verb, see Noth.

Noth (Nath): Verb - To not exist.

I have often wondered where, precisely, nothing comes from. Then it struck. Nothing does not exist. Therefore, to be nothing is to be actively not existing. "That is nothing," therefore, means "That object is actively not existing." Perhaps this means I should change the subtitle of the church journal to "Warning: This Journal Noths"

Lo, ye, verily and I am tired, so, in the name of Bob and Eris, Lebowski and Baracus, I'm going to noth off for a few hours.