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The First Discordian Church of Lebowski and Baracus, true disciples of Bob
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Friday, March 10th, 2006

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If you turn it off at just the right moment, no one will know it was mind control
We do what we must
And we will 'til we bust
Said the little mud Man, and the Lady of dust
Full of hate and love
From Fear and Trust
and perhaps the tiniest amount of lust
And when all our machinations rust
And the walls we build give way to dust
We'll still do what we do
Because we'll know that we must
A man approached Lawerence, and he said, "What is the soul? Is it of the mind? Is it of the body? Can a soul reside in a mind without a body, a brain in a vat? Can a soul reside in a body without a mind, is a bacterium soulful?"

Clubber set the man to stand against a wall, and broke an egg on his head. He coated the man in flour, and pelted him with tomatoes. Then he stood back and said, "Ah, pasta alla marinara."

At that moment, the foo' was enlightened.

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