lebowskibaracus (lebowskibaracus) wrote,

Lebowskite/Baracan Ritual Gear

The standard ritual set for a discordio-subGenial worship ceremonies

Required elements include ritual dress, the klein tossel cap of 3-dimensional one-sidedness, the mobius scarf of infinite length, and the klein bottle (preferably of the top-mouth erlenmeyer style), for the storage and consumption of ceremonial liquids. For the adventurous, a one-sided klein beer bong would be a project that guarantees immediate sainthood. Send proofs (prooves? proofen?) of concept to rainwalker2k3@gmail.com.

And yes, I do realize that this is $126 is a lot to spend on a hat, a scarf, and a bottle. In fact, that is far too much money to spend on 3 simple items. You would do much better to send that as a donation to:

Reverend Joe Episkopo
The First and So Far Only Discordian Church Of Lebowski and Baracus, True Disciples of Bob
c/o The Hubbard Donation Center
23 Skiddoo Dr
Dillinger Re-Militarized Zone, Interzone
State of Confusion, (1+-5^(1/2)/2), Bat Country

And remember, kids: No Donation, No Salvation

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