lebowskibaracus (lebowskibaracus) wrote,

On transcendence

There are some people in this world, a strong minority, who are simply different. There are people who have experienced the utter darkness of eternity, and have come to understand it. They have seen inside themselves, and seen others, and come to know Life. These are the people who hurt. They have experienced pain others cannot imagine. They have been to the ragged edge of reality, where the bits don't quite fit together, stared into the abyss and had the abyss stare into them, and they have come back. From the depths of utter despair, they have learned to experience joy. For only when you have lived in a world with no light can you truly see how bright and beautiful things are, always. These people are the artists, who will paint for us a world we would not imagine even if we could. These people will lead us to the Cliff over the Pit, and they will bring us back. And we will call them Broken. And it will be a term of respect.
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