The First Discordian Church of Lebowski and Baracus, true disciples of Bob

Welcome to the Psychedeli. Today's special is enlightenment on rye. Bacon, 99c

11 September
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Seen here, o nobly hatched, are the chronicles and preachings of the First And So Far Only Discordian Church of Lebowski and Baracus, True Disciples of Bob. I am the Reverend Doctor Joe Episkopo, MD, DDS, PHP YABA, and I will be guiding you through the church, fruit of the loins of the Lebowski Slack Cabal having been consentually raped by the Discordian Church of Baracus. As a commemoration of this event, the church encourages consentual rape, esp. when the parties concerned are either fictional, animated, or otherwise non-existent. This blog will be a guide to ritual structure, belief systems, neuro-chemical augmentation, self-destructive behavior, and flipping the pinks and cabbages. Take care, o nobly hatched, bite the pillow and get ready to take one up the Ego.